Expert Recs: Dr. Rowe’s Toothbrush Picks

One of the most common questions people ask me is “What is the best toothbrush? What should I be using?” There are so many different toothbrushes available nowadays that it makes sense that we find ourselves struggling to pick out the best one.

It’s true that for good oral health we need to brush and floss regularly, but what if we’re brushing with the wrong toothbrush? Here are some of my favorite toothbrushes that I commonly recommend.

The Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

You’ve probably heard the saying that a properly wielded manual toothbrush works just as well as an electric toothbrush, so do you really need an electric toothbrush? The answer is almost always “yes.” While manual toothbrushes work well if you brush properly for a full two minutes, most people fail to brush for two minutes straight. A good electric toothbrush oscillates thousands of times per minute compared to the 300 strokes per minute when brushing manually – and some even come complete with timers that nudge you to switch quadrants every 30 seconds until a full two-minutes are up! Life made easy, if you ask me!

So, what is my pick for the best electric toothbrush?


Bluetooth Technology

My favorite toothbrush is the Sonicare Flexcare with Bluetooth technology. It’s the best bang for your buck, and a highly effective electric toothbrush. The Bluetooth capabilities help teach you the best way to brush, as it analyzes your brushing technique, and then after you’re done brushing, it gives you a report about which areas you need to concentrate more on and where you might have missed.

The Bluetooth technology allows the Smart Sensor Technology to send a personalized 3-D map of your mouth to your smartphone. This means you’ll get personalized coaching through your phone, so you can set daily goals with tips and alerts. A common problem people have with their toothbrush is not changing it out regularly enough. By tracking the amount of time spent brushing as well as the pressure you apply, your toothbrush will actually alert you when you need to change the brush head. Think of it as Siri or Alexa in your toothbrush!


Toothbrushes for the Entire Family

I also love the kids’ Sonicare. It is an adult clean from a kid-friendly brush. Both of my kids have one. They come in fun colors, and you can change the front sticker to reflect your kiddos’ unique style. It has a lowered setting for kids up to around age 8 and a higher setting for the older kids (so that it doesn’t vibrate the heck out of the little kids). There’s also a Bluetooth option and a free interactive app to help them brush longer, as well.

Choosing the right toothbrush is an important part of your oral hygiene routine, but the right toothbrush for you depends on your personal preference.



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