Expert Recs: Dr. Rowe’s Favorite Dental Health Products Top picks for flossers, rinses and more

Every smile is different, so when asked to recommend my favorite oral hygiene products, I make sure I mention something for everyone. While the usual brushing, flossing and rinsing should still be an steadfast part of your everyday routine – products are constantly changing.

For example, traditional flossing recently got an upgrade. Water flossing is a new trend that I’m happy to say, is actually here to stay. I decided it would be a good time to create a roundup of all of my favorite dental health products that are available now.


Proxabrush is a great product for patients with receded gums and large spaces between their teeth. Refills for the handle are designed to specifically remove dental plaque form hard to reach places between the teeth. It helps protect your gums from plaque and tartar buildup. Unlike flossing with regular string floss, the Proxabrush Go-Betweens use a brush system to keep your gums healthy.



Waterpik is an absolutely great product for everyone! A giant among the water-flossing trend, the Waterpik has been clinically proven to be an effective alternative to normal, string flossing. (Though, heads up: I recommend continuing to floss normally and simply using the Waterpik as an addition to your routine). The tip angles to send out pressurized streams of water, or even mouthwash, into the hard-to-reach places between your teeth. The main benefit of using a Waterpik is its ability to shoot the stream of water deep into your gum pockets, greatly reducing the chance of gum disease and plaque and tartar build-up.



This is great for patients with braces, bridgework, or wide gaps between teeth. It easily allows you to floss under and around your appliances removing any food or build-up. There are three components to Superfloss: a stiffened-end dental floss, spongy floss, and regular floss. The stiffened end allows you to floss underneath appliances; the spongy floss allows you to clean around appliances and in wide spaces; and the regular floss helps remove plaque under your gum line.


Plackers Floss Picks

I also love Plackers floss picks; they are great for patients that have a hard time fitting a whole fist full of floss in their mouths. And, they’re made of a very strong material that doesn’t shred or fray like many of the other floss pick brands do.


Listerine Smart Rinse

This is great for kids because it helps remove plaque that they might not have fully brushed away. It’s also an anti-cavity mouthwash, so you won’t have to constantly fret about kids being kids and the sweets they’re eating.

Let me know if there are any products out there that you’re curious about or would like to get my opinion on. I’m always on the look out for more great products and always ready to ensure you’re using the best that is available today.

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