Three Simple Tips for Getting your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

If getting your kids to brush their teeth is kind of like, well, pulling teeth, then you’re not alone. We know trying to get kids to brush and floss is not most parent’s idea of a good time, but instilling healthy dental habits into your kids’ days is critical to setting them up for endless smiles down the road.


Starting solid dental health routines when kids are young is important for maintaining strong oral health throughout a lifetime. So what’s the trick to making this a positive experience for all involved? Check out our three simple tips to help brighten your routine.


Head to the store

While the drug store may seem like an odd place to start your dental routine, for the youngest of tooth brushers, it’s all about the experience, and jazzing up tooth time with a cool new toothbrush that lights up or has their favorite character on it can be just the ticket for getting them excited about brushing.


The same goes for flossing. Pick up some fun character floss picks, and you might find that your child is more amenable to the whole process.


Cue up some entertainment

For even more fun – and to make the time fly – try tuning into the podcast, Chompers, for two minutes of toothy fun and entertainment geared at kids ages 3-7 years old. Or, make up your own game, story or nightly adventure with characters and storylines that build upon each brushing session. Even better, get silly and make faces while brushing in front of the mirror.


Make it a family affair

While it’s important for parents to help young kids brush their teeth (coordination is just not there in those little hands!), the whole family can and should participate in brushing time. When everyone brushes their teeth together, not only are you setting a positive example (monkey see, monkey do), but kids will also love having your undivided attention during one more important part of their day. Remember that children under the age of 7 always need a parent to help them brush their teeth as they lack the manual dexterity to properly clean their mouth alone. After you’ve made sure to give them a thorough brush, allow them to continue brushing on their own so they can learn independence in this daily task.

Armed with these tips, hopefully there will be fewer struggles and more smiles all around in your family!

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