How Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Work?

Most of us can’t function without our daily cup (or three) of coffee. While coffee gives us an energy jolt, it can also cause tooth discoloration. And if you’re a little subconscious about your pearly white smile, you’re not alone.

Teeth whitening isn’t a new concept, but there are so many different whitening treatments and kits that it’s difficult to keep up. We recommend, if you’re serious about results, to get your teeth professionally whitened. At our offices, we use Zoom Whitening treatments.

Curious to learn more? Here’s a quick rundown of everything Zoom:

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an extremely popular, professional process used to lighten discolored teeth. It’s an in-office tooth whitening procedure that uses a specific chair-side lamp to activate the hydrogen peroxide used to whiten the teeth.

How It Works

As with any in-office whitening treatment, the first step your dental health professional will take is to make sure your lips and gums are covered. This will ensure that the whitening solution stays away from these super sensitive areas and only touches your teeth.

After your gums are protected, your dentist will apply the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to your teeth and use the Zoom chair-side lamp to activate the gel. Your dentist will use three to four coats of the gel during the Zoom procedure, removing the first coat after 15 minutes and applying a new layer twice. After the last 15-minute session, a fluoride gel is used to reduce any sensitivity that the whitening gel may have caused will be applied.

The Benefits of Zoom

Unlike the at-home whitening treatments, Zoom treatments are customized to your teeth and preferences. So, you can pick which shade of white you prefer: classic white to blue white! You’ll also be able to see immediate results up to 10 shades lighter after getting your first Zoom treatment because the whitening gel is able to remove difficult stains that at-home kits are unable to remove. And, the best part about Zoom? It’s long-lasting, safe and comfortable for patients.

Taking Care of Your Smile Afterwards 

Before you leave your dentist’s office, you’ll be given a Zoom whitening touch up kit to take home! This kit includes custom fit trays and more whitening gel to keep your teeth pearly white longer. Just be sure to follow your dentist’s instructions for when and how to use the kit.

Your dentist may recommend that you avoid certain foods and beverages and use a special toothpaste with whitening agents to avoid staining your teeth and maintain the of the procedure.

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