Back-to-School Dental Checklist

Parents can rejoice: the kids are heading back to school across Denver! But, like most parents – you’ve got quite the lengthy to-do list to get everyone ready. There are supplies to buy and routines to re-learn—just don’t forget their smiles.

Dental health should be an important part of the back-to-school preparations. This checklist can help you get everyone’s teeth back on track and ready for a new school year.

Visit Your Family Dentist

Start the year off right with a teeth cleaning and a dental exam. Talk to your dentist about sealants or other treatments that can prevent cavities. Being proactive will keep your little one’s teeth healthy, so they don’t have to miss school later on because of a dental health issue.

Stock Up on Healthy Foods

During summer, you may have been a little lax on healthy eating. Don’t sweat it. The start of a school year is a great time to everyone’s diets back on track. Be sure to stock up on plenty of healthy, tooth-friendly snacks and lunches. Avoid candy, soda, juice, and granola bars, and instead opt for nuts, milk, string cheese, fruits, unsweetened applesauce, and veggies.

Start Drinking Water

If you’ve allowed a few sugary drinks over the summer, now is the time to stick to water. Kids usually have access to drinking water during the school day. Pack water in your child’s lunch each day and include some lemon or lime slices for flavor.

Buy a Fun New Toothbrush

The American Dental Association recommends replacing toothbrushes every three or four months, or when the bristles start to wear out.  Let your kids pick out a new toothbrush during back-to-school shopping, and they’ll be more inspired to brush regularly.

Make Dental Hygiene Fun

Kids should brush their teeth twice a day and floss once a day, but don’t always enjoy it, so try to make it fun. This will set them up for lifelong healthy habits. Play some of their favorite two-minute songs and make sure they brush the whole time, or use a sticker calendar to help them remember to brush and floss each day.

The start of a new school year is like a fresh start. So, be sure to make dental health part of your back-to-school routine. Give Willow Spring Family Dentistry a call if you live in South Denver (ie Centennial, Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, or Littleton) today to schedule your appointment.

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