5 Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

You’ve heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.” Well, what you eat also has a major impact on your teeth. Certain foods can stain or damage your teeth, so it’s important to know what to eat.

Paying attention to what you eat helps keep your teeth healthy and strong. Some foods can put your teeth at risk and can lead to cavities, a broken or chipped tooth, or other dental-health issues.

A Few Foods to Watch Out for:

  1. Hard candy

Eating too much candy means you’re exposing your teeth to a constant stream of sugar. This can quickly break down your teeth. Instead of candy, it’s a good idea to keep sugarless gum on hand. This will hopefully satisfy your sweet tooth without damaging it.

  1. Ice (and popcorn kernels)

Who doesn’t love crunching and chewing on ice? But, chewing on hard substances, like ice, can damage tooth enamel and possibly crack or break teeth. Even though ice doesn’t contain any sugar, it’s better to simply drink water in its liquid form. Along with ice, avoid crunching on any other hard or super-crunchy foods.

  1. Acidic foods

Fruits are incredibly good for you, but they can also lean towards the acidic side. You may want to watch how much citrus and other acidic foods you take in, because constant exposure to acidic foods can completely erode your enamel. Once your enamel is gone, your teeth are more susceptible to decay over time. Drink plenty of water, without lemon or lime juice, to help keep your teeth strong and protected against decay—especially after eating something highly acidic.

  1. Sports and energy drinks

Commercials make sports and energy drinks sound pretty dang great for you, but unsurprisingly, the main ingredient is sugar. Instead of loading your body down and potentially damaging your teeth with the excessive amount of sugar found in these drinks, drink water and keep your body and teeth healthy. We can’t emphasize the importance of drinking enough water. Not only will it keep your teeth safe, it will also keep you well hydrated.

  1. Sticky foods

Sticky foods are a nightmare for your teeth. These types of foods stay on your teeth much longer than you’d think, which can cause quite a bit of damage. There are some sticky foods, like dried fruit, that are a healthier option. But when you find yourself eating something sticky, just be sure to rinse with water and brush and floss soon after.

It’s better to stay away from foods that can be harmful to your teeth, but eating them in moderation and having a good oral hygiene routine are the keys to maintaining a healthy smile!

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