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While we hope all of your travels are filled with fun and adventure, unfortunately accidents can happen. Being sidelined with a painful dental emergency while traveling can be scary, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar setting.   Before you pack up on your next trip, review some of our tips below so you are can […]

Keeping little ones hydrated and healthy is important for their busy and growing bodies, but many parents know it can also be challenging to get their kids to eat the healthy fruits and vegetables they need for their rapidly developing bodies.   The tempting solution? Turning to fruit juices to hydrate and provide nutritional value. […]

A smile can light up a room, make strangers instantly feel at ease, or defuse tension when things aren’t going as planned. And a smile is fabulous for showing off those pearly whites.   More importantly, smiling and laughing can be good for your health! Need more reasons to smile? Check out these fun facts: […]

It’s a sound you’ve all heard. Though varied from person to person, the undeniable disruption can be as loud as a thundering train through the night to as soft and subtle as a gentle rumbling in the distance.   Regardless of its intensity and disturbance to others in the house, snoring can be concerning for […]

We all dream of pearly white smiles that you can see for miles, but the reality is, most of us will inevitably experience tooth discoloration over time, whether it be from things we eat or drink to simply the natural discoloration that happens as we age.   Of course, not all hope is lost, and […]

In the midst of the hectic day-to-day, finding time for those twice yearly dental check-ups might seem like one more thing on the never-ending to-do list. We get it. We know prioritizing those visits to the dentist can be easy to put off. But, maintaining strong oral health is not only important for your smile, […]

If getting your kids to brush their teeth is kind of like, well, pulling teeth, then you’re not alone. We know trying to get kids to brush and floss is not most parent’s idea of a good time, but instilling healthy dental habits into your kids’ days is critical to setting them up for endless […]

 If you’re an athlete and you participate in high-impact activities, you should consider regularly wearing an athletic mouth guard. Without an athletic mouth guard, a direct impact to the front of your face can easily break or even knock your front teeth out. Athletic mouth guards protect your teeth and jaws from cracks and breaks. […]

Summer is full of fun activities like playing sports or taking a family vacation. And yet, all that fun can often come with a lot of mishaps and accidents. Remember last year’s family baseball league when little Susie tried her hand at batting and to everyone’s (mostly your) surprise her fly ball left you with […]

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